Pacific Jewel Part 2 - Norfolk Island Inshore Fishing

November 19, 2018

Pacific Jewel Part 2 - Norfolk Island Inshore Fishing

So Norfolk Island is out in the deep blue Pacific and exposed to wind from every direction. That’s okay! Because like all islands, there’s going to be a lee shore out of the wind somewhere. And there are jetties for boat launching on both the north and the south sides. This means that, if it’s blowing too hard to go way offshore, you can still fish close in. And because the fishing is so good all around the island it’s more than likely you’ll still have a top day fishing in close:

Looking out to sea from the rocks on Norfolk Island

The Island has no working boat ramp. But they have refined launching with a crane to a fine art. Each boat has four contact points on the gunwales for sling attachments. A crane is used to lower the boat into the water. That system works very well:

Launching the boat via crane as the island has no boat ramp

The plan was to try some micro jigging over the inshore reefs. Have become a bit obsessed with this type of fishing since a red hot afternoon at Long Reef, back in late 2016. You never know what you’re going to hook up next. But you can be confident of plenty of excitement. Plus I was super keen to try out our new Ultimate 8-foot casting stick:

Sea bass ultimate ryobi combo ready for inshore microjigging

Kicked off with our 40 gram jigs. These little dynamos have a bright lumo belly strip that triggers a hot bite every time:

40 gram micro jig rigged for inshore fishing

The action was fast and furious:

Andy immediately hooked up on the ultimate rod combo

Sweetlip Emperor (called trumpeter, on the Island) are probably the most sought after species there. Delicious eating. I was hooking them up pretty much one after the other:

Sweetlip Emperor caught on a 40 gram microjig

The rod and reel worked like a dream. I was even able to register the taps when a fish hit the jig and just missed the hook. And as usual, the variety of fish caught was amazing:

Jigging odd species of Island fish

Plenty of small kings around, of course:

Jay with a small Kingfish jigged inshore

This was pretty much the story of the morning:

Jay’s Mac Boat did a fantastic job. Wish I had the space – and the money – for something like this:

An aerial view of Jay's Mac boat ready to be launched

The 40 gram jigs were sensational as always and if you haven’t got some in your tackle box you’re really missing out on something. Would you believe $48 for 10 jigs – with hook and cord – delivered anywhere in Australia? Click here for more:


Later we moved out and down from Cascade Bay to the rough ground around Steeles Point:

A map of Cascade Bay on Norfolk Island

I was keen to try out our new deep divers over the bumps and pinnacles:

The new Downrigger Shop Deep Diver lures

Now lads I never bag other tackle brands but I do have big problems with a well known – and expensive – brand of deep diving minnows. No names no packdrills but here’s what happens every time I run them out:
Lure side slipping to port or starboard. Really annoying when the lure runs across on the other side of the wake;
Swimming on an angle, on one side of the lure;
Running way shallower than what’s stated on the packaging;
Blowing out, splashing on the surface, and when you wind it in, one of the trebles is tangled around the leader.
These ones run straight and true! The fish loved them, although I didn’t catch anything big:

Deep Divers working well inshore fishing

140mm 50 gram floating deep diver;
Narrow transparent bib which you will never need to tune;
Through-wire construction, for strength;
Bloodshot eyes and prismatic sides for maximum light reflection;
Light but strong VMC6X hooks for deep penetration;
Fantastic lure.


After a wonderful day on the water it was back to the Cascade Jetty to lift out the boat and clean our catch. Jay did his jaw dropping party trick  - feeding and patting the resident sharks:

What a trip. What a place! If you’d like to find out for yourself how good it is, contact Jay directly:

Permanent Vacations


Can’t recommend Norfolk Island too highly. Thanks for reading,
Andrew Hestelow
Managing Director

Tel. 0402075000

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