40g knife jigs 10 pack


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  • A bloodshot eye
  • Prismatic sides
  • A strong heatshrinked cord and hook.
  • Weighs 40 grams
  • Available in 5 colours
  • 10 knife jigs included
  • Delivery included in Australia
  • Assorted colours: Blue, Orange, Silver, Black, Pink

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Regular readers know that nothing gives me a bigger kick than putting a new fisho onto his first kingfish. But it has to be remembered that many anglers like that are new to offshore fishing. Meaning they aren’t up to running 25 miles offshore to Allmark, or wherever. What works best in this situation is targeting the close in reefs and wrecks.

There’s plenty of those off Sydney. They fire up around Christmas time and produce fish right through to late autumn or even early winter. Wrecks like the Annie Miller, the Coolooli and spots like Long Reef and the Artificial make it easy to get into fish just a couple of kilometres off the coast.

But usually these fish are on the small side, around the legal limit of 65cm. That doesn’t worry me in the slightest because if you match tackle to the fish size you are in for a torrid and unforgettable battle. A 70cm kingfish jigged on 6 kilo line is a real handful and if you can get them boat side you’ll be deservedly pleased with yourself.

Andy hooked up offshore on a micro jig with the Downrigger Shop combo

But the key is to match the hatch. Big live baits and lures aren’t going to work because this size fish don’t strike that size target. Which is why you can watch videos of fish life at the Artificial Reef for instance and see kingfish swimming happily with yellowtail, mardos and other mid size baitfish. What does work is a lure of the appropriate size retrieved in the appropriate way to trigger the attack response.

So when our primary supplier expanded his jig range, we immediately ordered a selection of samples for testing.

The Downrigger Shop's 40 gram micro jigs in 5 colours

I’ll never forget the first test. Mid week, not a lot of boats around and the sea as flat as a tack. Which was good, because one of the first time jiggers aboard had notified me he gets seasick – as the Village People said – ‘just watchin’ it on TV.’ We geared up with light combos more appropriate for squid and trout than they are for kingie jigging. With a good show of fish over the Artificial Reef we all tied on 40 gram jigs and sent them down to the structure 35 metres below.

Downrigger Shop pre rigged 40 gram jigs ready to go

Here’s how we rigged and used the micro jigs:

A Downrigger Shop micro jigging trip in a fishing magazine

Result? Pandemonium! Multiple hook ups singing drags, rods bent in ridiculous arcs and of course maximum fun.

Catching Kingfish using light tackle and microjigging

Interestingly the guy in the background in a couple of the pics was fishing the old way – totally over gunned. He got a few but it was like cranking a boat up onto a trailer. With everyone so busy these days why not enjoy your limited time on the water as much as you can?

Pulling in Kingfish on the light tackle with microjigs

Since that fantastic start we’ve never looked back. Not only are the 40 gram jigs tops for jigging but they’re really good for spinning too. Just change the hook position from the head to the tail. These lures cast like a bullet. Lastly, I should mention how many fish clients have caught with these.  Not just kingfish, species right across the board.

Micro jigging is effective among a huge number of fish species

No corners have been cut as regards quality.

The lures have a lumo belly, prismatic sides and a realistic bloodshot eye.

They are supplied with hook and split ring.

Micro jig length is short at 8cm

Best of all is the price.

Just $62 for ten (two of each colour) including delivery.

How good is that?

The Downrigger Shop's 40 gram jig colours

Mark F has been getting results with our 100gram jigs, and now wants to try the 40 gram size:

Hope you had a good weekend. By the way, really enjoying using the 100g jigs and caught more Kings than i can remember on them. They have opened up a whole new perspective on jigging in the shallower reefs for me. Hence my excitement in the 40g jigs. My wife and I have been outfishing all the boats around us with the 100g jigs. Must be killing those around us. Technique may be playing a part also, but pretty sure the jigs are doing the job.

I dropped one of those down deep under some surface boils on the Harbour, and hooked up this bonito:

Catching Bonito on Downrigger Shop micro jigs

But they work on more than just the usual jig species. We were night fishing for hairtail last winter and dropping fish after fish using live yellowtail and whole pilchards for bait. So I reckoned it was time to try the micro jigging technique we’d been watching on Youtube. A 40 gram jig with a red glowstick mounted on the top of the wire trace. The technique was short sharp lift and drops – not slow jigging, closer to mechanical jigging – and staying in the strike zone for as long as possible. Some solid hits told me things were working. Then, a hookup:

Hairtail caught on an orange 40 gram jig

And this wasn’t the only one I boated, meaning jigging hairtail is a good new option. I’ll admit to getting a bit over excited at how well it worked:

What a top night, we took home three each. Note to self - time to repaint the deck:

The result of a huge night micro jigging Hairtail using 40g jigs

Give it a try if you live somewhere they can be found? Micro jigging these a great way to go, because hooking on the upswing drives the point home into their famously hard jaws.

A stack of Downrigger Shop 40 gram jigs

Here’s Andrew Wily micro jigging South Head, it’s such a buzz:

Of course it’s not just for offshore:

Cody with a Kingfish caught on a 40 gram jig in the morning

My mate Cody got this little king on the light tackle and one of your 40g micro jigs this morning

Order at the link in the usual way or send me an email  if you have any questions?

You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading,