Snapper Kingfish Mackerel

August 28, 2017

Snapper Kingfish Mackerel

Finding the best tackle at the lowest price for our clients can be a difficult quest. That’s why I always import a sample first, and test it on the water, before ordering a shipment. You can take all the glossy studio photos you like but if you want the best gear there’s no alternative to getting out on the water and testing the tackle:

Andy with a Kingfish on the Bay Jig rod at 12 mile reef

"On Tuesday we headed up to Long Reef with hope in our hearts and light jig combos in our hands. J It was a magical day with the kingfish going nuts and 4-way hook ups happening:"


Things got pretty crazy when a kingfish dragged a rod and reel over the stern and – without hestitation – crew member Dave Clark dived in, grabbed hold, and swam back to the boat with it:

What wasn’t crazy was how well my new favourite combo performed – the Bay Jig rod with Ryobi 4000 spinning reel:

Kingfish caught on a Ryobi 4000 offshore

Fifteen kilo is a key segment of our rod and reel range. That line class is used for three of the most popular species clients chase –being  Spanish mackerel, kingfish, and big snapper. So we need a reel that works well for casting, jigging – and especially, fighting. We’ve been testing the Ryobi 4000 for over a year now and couldn’t be more pleased with it:


Ryobi 4000 on a Bay Jig rod is a great setup

Ryobi is a company well known to Australians. Bunnings stock hundreds of their products. Fishos know the company because prior to their focus on power tools, they made quality fishing reels. They still do. We moved from Daiwa to Ryobi about eighteen months ago and have never looked back. The Ryobi 4000 has been super popular with our clients and is used for everything from downrigging:

Ryobi 4000 downrigging around the Vaucluse cliffs

To rock fishing:

A great haul on the Ryobi 4000 that proved itself rock fishing

To (of course) jigging. For jigging, match the Ryobi 4000 with our PE1-3 Bay Jig rod and 100 gram jigs. That jig weight matches rod specs and makes your jigging much more comfortable. The weight of the jig should load the rod on the upswing, storing energy to propel the jig upwards when you stop the lift. The Ryobi 4000, 30-pound braid, the Bay Jig rod, and 100 gram jigs are perfectly matched together. On grounds 40 – 70 metres deep it makes for super comfortable jigging. It’s my number one outfit at places like the Artificial (35m), the Peak (60m) or the Coolooli wreck (40m.) The light weight of the combo is a joy:

The Ryobi 4000 on a Bay Jig rod weighs only 518 grams

The Bay Jig rod is similar to the Gomoku but without the tiny Gomoku guides that can cause the braid to mono knot to catch. Check this guide size comparison:

The Bay Jig rod next to a Gomoku

Here’s reel specifications:
Model: Ryobi 4000 spinning reel
Weight: 320 grams
Gear ratio: 5:1
Bearings: 7
Line capacity: 170 metres 15 kilo colour change braid (supplied pre spooled)
Drag: 5.5 kilos
Knob: polished aluminium power knob
As mentioned, matching rod is our six foot Bay Jig:

Bay Jig with a convenient storage bag

Two piece with foregrip join and split butt. PE 1-3 and rated to 100 gram jigs.  Our clients are using it all around the country:

Queen fish caught on a Bay Jig Rod

For snapper fishing or anything where casting is required, the perfect match with the Ryobi 4000 is our 702 graphite composite casting rod:

Mahi Mahi caught on a Ryobi 4000

Ideal for soft plastics and lure casting to fish like snapper, longtail tuna, dolphin fish and salmon. This rod excels at distance casting and easily casts a 40 gram metal 65 metres – meaning you can put your lure right in front, of fast moving tuna pods:

Nice Tuna caught casting with the Ryobi 4000

Pricing? So good. $255 for either combo including:
Ryobi 4000 spinning reel with power knob, and full spool of 30-pound colour change braid;
Matching 702 7-foot 2-piece casting rod with 10 kilo fluorocarbon leader spool and 2 x 40 gram jigs;

Click here to buy Ryobi 4000 and 702 Combo


Click here to buy Ryobi 4000 and Bay Jig Combo

Matching Bay Jig 6-foot 2-piece jig and boat rod with 2 x 100 gram knife jigs;
Delivery to your door.
That’s right. Your choice of rod, jigging or casting, plus reel, power knob, colour change braid, leader, jigs and delivery to your door – for just $255. Or even better, the reel, plus both rods, including delivery, for $315. Just fantastic. Not up on the Net yet because our Web guy is on holidays, until September. But if you’d like to order or if you need more details, just phone or email. Thanks for reading,

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