Rods Racked And Ready To Rock

July 18, 2018 1 Comment

Rods Racked And Ready To Rock

No names, no pack drills. But it’s amazing how roughly some blokes treat their fishing tackle. Being on my boat with different crew all the time I get to see some pretty amazing examples. Electric reel deep drop combos parked in the gunwale rod holders, getting blasted with salt spray to and from the Shelf. Or rods in the overhead rack, with heavy jigs pinned to the guides, said jigs banging against the guides and rods all the way to the kingfish grounds. There’s a better way:

The Downrigger Shop car rod rack is the best way to go fishing without the mess

Introducing our new car and boat rod holder. Sure, you’ve seen various models before. But I’m guessing most of those required drilling into the car roof lining? Or in some other way, marking the car interior. Not ours. We use powerful suction caps to hold the rod rack in place:

The Downrigger Shop Car rod rack uses suction cups to secure the rod holder

The idea is firstly, to make installation as simple as possible. And secondly, to make a rod holder you can use in all kinds of ways. Storing your rods inside the car, but out of the way. Because stowing them on the car roof is not safe, in the long run. I say that because despite it happening all those years ago I still remember dad’s shock on returning to the family Holden at Tea Gardens and finding all our beach rods had been nicked. Inside the car is so much safer – as long as they are out of the way of your other gear. Here’s how the system works:

The empty car rod rack secured without the use of drilling, screws or altering the car

Each rod rests on twin cradles, with the reel between. Each cradle has a padded tension spring which secures the rod safely, and makes sure it doesn’t jump out. The five cradles supplied with each rod rack are easily adjusted horizontally and vertically. This helps if, for instance, you want extra clearance for a reel with a big handle, so it doesn’t touch the reel in the next cradle over. Fishing mate Mike Fitzgerald gives that setup his seal of approval:

Downriggershop's Car rod holder keeping the mess off car floors

The five holders hang from a aluminium bar. That can be trimmed to the width of your car. Two arms, adjustable to your preferred angle, go to the suction cups. Those are attached to your rear window:

The car rod rack by itself with suction cups

The system is simple, inexpensive, and it works well. ‘But Andy, I don’t have rear windows in my car!’ No problem. Do you have handles over the rear doors? We have a system that uses those for mounting, instead. No drilling. Here’s John Howells set up:

Setting up the Downrigger Shop Car rod rack using the rear door overhead handles

"Hi Andrew, the rod holder brackets arrived today. This is going to work! I’ll need to do a couple of minor mods. I’ve cut the main bar down to 900mm and will most likely cut another 20mm off"

Installed using car overhead handles the car rod rack doesn't require permanent changes

Being such a new product I haven’t had time to investigate but I’m thinking this could be a great option for hard top fishing boats. Why nor get your valuable jig and game combos – and electric reels – inside the boat, out of the sun and spray?

A fishing boat ready to be driven to the water for a great day out

So to finish up, this rod rack:
Holds five (or more) rods, in locked cradles;
Attaches to smooth surfaces like glass or, overhead door handles;
Keeps your rods away from thieves, wind, sun and rain;
Is easy to neatly install;
Costs only $195.

Click here to see the Car Rod Rack

Call, email, or send me a text if you’d like to know more? Thanks for reading,

Andrew Hestelow
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1 Response

Ethan Le
Ethan Le

August 03, 2019

Hi Andrew,

Quiet Friday night over some a few beers …
Being a keen fisho like yourself I take pride and care of my fishing gear …
I have spent hours searching for an interior car rod rack … found a few from USA and Japan (Rod loft Pro & Inno Rack) but I just can not justify paying over $250 to $450 (not to mention high postage costs) for “branded” which appears to be much inferior made in China.

Very fortunate to stumble across your website!
From what I read up and seen so far about your Car Rod Rack – love it!

I just have a few questions:
- I want one! Do you have one in stock?
- I drive Toyota Prado 150 series with rear window for the third row seating, not sure if window big enough to support the the heavy duty suction fixing as pictured and detail? In your opinion you think possible to mount/fix on third row handle?
- Do you sell additional rod cradles? If so how much? I am after 3 additional rod cradles
- price as listed includes postage within Australia. WA Postcode 6107.

Many thanks in advance!

Tight lines!

Perth, WA

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