Lights, Batteries, Action!

March 19, 2018

Lights, Batteries, Action!

We all know how fantastic squid are. They’re a deadly bait for prime species like kingfish, snapper, jewfish. And deepwater species, like blue-eye. Best of all, what you don’t use for bait makes a delicious dinner. It’s all win.
The big issue is how to catch them. That’s not always easy. Matter of fact it often seems the more you want them, the harder they are to catch. And there’s a reason for that. The more kingfish around, the less squid around – simply because more of them are being eaten.
But there is a way. An amazingly effective way. Check this out:

That’s Andrew Waite at The Spit, in Sydney’s Middle Harbour.  He only bought his squid light from us on Wednesday. But it’s not a one off. Here’s what Scott Halliday has to say about the underwater squid light:

 Underwater squid light in action

"Thanks Andy! Light worked great, lots of squid around up at Lake Macquarie"

Bucket full of squid from the squid light

Of course the first thing everyone asks when they buy a light is, ‘what’s the best way to power it?’ The light comes with a 5 metre cable and two heavy duty corrosion protected alligator clips:


But a lot of blokes don’t want to connect to the boat battery, or are using their squid light from the kayak or wharf. We have the answer:

Portable battery for squid light

These batteries are made by Panasonic. Good quality brand. They are used – but unused – because they are part of a battery backup array, to be used as emergency protection for data storage at a bank. They are kept fully charged in case they are ever needed – but they are never needed.  They’re replaced after twelve months. New, these cost $42:

squid light portable battery online comparison

But we have them for $20, and can send them to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast for $14. Send $34 to  if you want one. Other places, just email me for delivery pricing. A reader has sent pics of a carry box he has made up for these batteries. Great idea:

readers DIY portable battery box

DIY battery box for those batteries, about $20 bunnings/jaycar/ebay.... with volt meter and switch

readers DIY portable battery box inside

Quick progress report on the tube matting. Regular readers will remember that we import a single roll of tube matting to camouflauge the dirty deck on my centre console boat. Half the roll was left so I offered it on Facebook in case someone else wanted to do their boat with the remainder. Private messages poured in because I hadn’t realized the price was half that, of Clark Rubber. We installed it in my boat early last week – a quick and easy job, maybe two hours – and I tested it for the first time on Friday. long run offshore chasing dolphin fish for pretty much the whole day:

mahi mahi in a net

Amazing. I’m no spring chicken. Starting to feel minor aches and pains after a big day offshore. But on Friday night I felt great. The suspension effect of the tubing just absorbs so much shock, when the boat hits the waves. Mike Fitzgerald was aboard too and, when he first saw it, worried it might be slippery. By the end of the day he gave it the Fitz Seal of Approval. The good news is that the factory who supplies this stuff has a good range of colours: 

stack of rubber boat floor

Easy to install, half the price of Clark Rubber, and a few clients sending in pics of how it works on their boats. Here’s a beast of a king on the deck of Epic Charters:

kingfish on rubber boat deck

And here’s what Tony Stewart from Rainbow Beach Charters has to say about tube matting:

"I had this in my Charter boat over 16 yrs.. I always had a lot of traffic on it being surveyed for 12 people.It lasted me about 8 yrs before replacement. Never get sore feet standing all day & was good to work bare footed a lot of the time. I sold my boat 18 months ago, so can recommend it works."

rubber boat floor in blue colour

Next shipment arrives in April. If you’d like me to reserve some for you, just send an email? Price for 5 metres x 1.2 metres is $175, with delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane being $25. If you want a quote for delivery elsewhere just send me a message? Thanks for reading and please keep the pics and reports coming in,

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