Get Down, Deeper and Down

January 01, 2018

Get Down, Deeper and Down

Such a great time of year! Not just holidays and Christmas celebrations but because it’s when hardworking busy clients get to put their new tackle to good use. Luke Fogarty used his downrigger and squid light to deadly affect:

Big kingfish caught on a downrigger in Australia

 "Andy. Squid light worked a treat. Got a few good sized arrows at Shoal Bay and converted one on the downrigger into a good sized hoodlum. Went 1150mm"

Needless to say it’s not all meter plus kings and mackerel. You gotta start somewhere! Here’s Bruce Clarke out on Sydney Harbour this week:

Kingfish caught of Sydney on a downriggershop downrigger

"Thanks for all your help Andrew … 2 kings on the downrigger today at first attempt!"

Downrigger set up and in use at the back of a boat

It’s great how easy it is to swap sides on the boat with the downrigger

downrigger in use trolling at the back of a boat

Bruce gave our Head Starts a try too:

 Bruce with a Kingfish caught on Head Starts in Sydney, Australia

"Hi Andrew, Great to chat, here is the photo of the King caught on the Head start rig with a fresh garfish Thanks for the chat today.  If you can send through the map of the South head spots for Kings … that would be great"

Done! Good trade. Charlie Michael took his downrigger on holiday to Port Stephens. That worked:

Catching Snapper on a downrigger in Port Stephens

"Mate great set up with your downrigger still getting used to it second time out going for Kingfish in port Stephens but ended up with a great size snapper in the bay!"

A Snapper caught on a downrigger in Port Stephens, Australia

That’s great, Charlie! Good size red, especially for inside the Heads. Glad to hear the downrigger is delivering. Just by the way, Lindsay Thorncraft recommended a good spot on our Facebook page for anyone up Port Stephens way:

Where to catch Snapper in Port Stephens GPS image

"Hi Andy here is another good spot for Kings and Jew called the pinnacle they stack up either side of the mount lee side on the tide flow use live baits."

Appreciate it, Lindsay! You don’t need a big boat to get into it at the moment because there’s solid kings inside the harbours and bays. Here’s Ben Chadwick and the team from Rhino Rack yesterday morning, when we caught up with them just inside Quarantine Head, Sydney Harbour:

Kingfish fanatic Nan out for a midweek session. Glad to see you’re getting them and super grateful that you shared, cobber:

Nan with a Kingfish midweek in Australia

"Hi Andy, Downrigging in the Harbour worked a treat yesterday. And I used the slider rig you posted with a treble stinger to land this one. Catching squid was tough but reward was worth it."

Slider rig is a deadly set up for kings and any other fish that are known to tear the head off your squid baits. The main hook is the tow point which goes through the top of the hood. Distance between the tow hook and the treble is adjustable so it fits neatly on any size squid:

Slider rig for Kingfish or almost anything else

Don't use a too small treble because kings and jewfish often swallow the stinger hook deeply. Meaning that, if you want to return them, it's hard to do so without some damage to the fish:

Squid set up on a Slider Rig

Our downrigger goes into your rod holder, making it easy to use and remove. You don’t have to drill into your boat gunwales to mount it, and it doesn’t get in the way when you’re not using it. Fits on gameboats:

Downrigger in rod holder off the back of the boat

Offshore trailer boats:

Offshore trailer boat with downrigger set up

And tiller steer boats:

Tiller steer boat with downrigger set up

And it comes as a complete package. You don’t have to buy it then go spend another hundred bucks on weight, release clips and mounting system. It’s supplied complete and ready to go:

Downrigger package poster


Click here to buy now



Or, send me an email if you’d like a free downrigging DVD in the mail. Thanks for reading and best wishes for 2018,
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