Bustups and Baitballs

September 10, 2019

Catching Salmon in the harbour

Springtime is wind time, and wind is no friend to the angler. Check this out? Note that the strongest winds are focused around both weekends:

Newcastle weather and swell forecast

Luckily the salmon have arrived in Sydney Harbour. Meaning that if it got too windy to head offshore, we had a good backup option:

Salmon arriving in spectacular fashion

Over the last couple of years we’ve worked out some new techniques for them which are deadly effective:

Michael hooked up micro jigging

So when pics and reports started coming in on Facebook the old ticker started pumping. Michael Gates found them near Manly last Wednesday:

Catching salmon on light tackle

And reported they were full of baitfish about 5 centimetres long:

Size of baitfish being chased

Which is exactly the length of our new 10 gram jigs! This was gonna be good. With a keen crew consisting of James Kittos and Benny Blair we headed out on Thursday to try our luck. The bait was there, and the fish were there:

Baitball being shown on lowrance sounder

There is no big secret to hooking these tough little fighters up. The answer is to match the length and depth of the bait fish they are feeding on:

Match the food to catch predators

But there’s no way you’re going to reach the school with a tiny little lead jig head. It’s windy! Getting the lure’s size right is just part of the story. You have to be able to cast a good distance, often into the wind. Meet our new 10 gram jig range:

Microjigs imitate bait fish

When those are matched to a rod that can cast a light lure a long way you’re onto a winner:

Salmon brought up on a micro jig

We had a ball. Constantly hooked up with doubles and the occasional triple. Here’s James:

 and here’s Benny:


Here’s what you need to do it. $44 for ten *including delivery* a fantastic deal:

10 x 10 GRAM JIGS

Meantime boats all around us were thrashing the water to foam, without result, using too-big lures or lures they couldn’t cast far enough. We scored small kingfish and bonito on the little bullet jigs too:

Bonito will chase them too

Keep this option in mind if you’re getting as fed up with the wind as we are? Salmon are in just about every bay and harbor south of the Queensland border right now. And they’ll be here for a few months more. Our salmon combo is ridiculously cheap - and works ridiculously well:

Andy using the blue salmon combo

$120 for rod reel and line a crazy good deal. Check it out here:

802 Blue Salmon Combo

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Hestelow


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