Tanacom 1000 Electric Reel Combo


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  • Daiwa Tanacom 1000 reel including cable and clamps
  • Stelco bent butt 5 feet six inch rod with restricted arc swivel tip
  • Prespooled with 800m 80-pound colour change braid
  • Sinker
  • Multi hook deep drop rig 

Browns Mountain is an underwater seamount 21 nautical miles east of Sydney, one of my all time favourite fishing spots. Known for sharks, marlin, albacore and yellowfin tuna, it’s quite possibly the most popular place for game fish, on the east coast of Australia.

But they aren’t always there. And when you make the long trip only to find the tuna aren’t around it’s pretty disappointing. Which is why we never fail to take our electric reels with us and start the day with a deep drop to the bottom, 400 metres below. Because even if the tuna don’t come out to play, this deepwater reef swarms with some of the tastiest fish available. Blue-eye trevalla:

Blue Eye Trevalla haul brought up on electric reel


Andy with a nice Gemfish caught at Browns Mountain

bass groper, frost fish, alfonsino:

Tanacom 1000 let you catch deep sea fish you couldn't otherwise get to

You never know what’s going to come up next. The only thing you can be sure of is that just about every fish from the gloomy deeps is delicious.

Until the 2015 season we have always relied on our Tanacom 750 combo. Those are spooled with 50-pound braid. Thought to be too light by some anglers but they’ve done a great job for us over the years although note that I never put two hooks on the line, so that we if get a double hook up – quite common – it doesn’t overload the combo.  Anyway, last month (September 2015) we had an event which promoted a rethink. Out at Browns and hooked up a big fish which was a real strain on the Tanacom 750. My guess is a big hapuka, which grow to 70 kilos or more. Under enormous strain we were able to lift it from 400 metres to 180 metres, but no further. The Tanacoms have an excellent motor overheat cut out which protects the reel by stopping the motor when it becomes overheated. In this case that happened several times, with the occasional heavy slow tail beats proving we had hooked a big one. Finally we couldn’t lift it any further, even with manual winding. That left only one option. Thankfully there was a swell running, so we decided to disconnect the power cable, put the rod and reel in a fighting belt, and use the rise and fall of the boat in the waves to bring the fish up. That often works well with a big one.

But in this case, just as we were progressing, the braid broke. Fish gone.

I don’t want to over react. But we have been using the 750 combos to their maximum capabilities and finally we crossed the line. At the same time, the gemfish and blue-eye are getting bigger and more numerous

Two beautiful gemfish of good size caught on electric reel

so the decision has been made to go up a line class for the 2016 season. That is, go from the Tanacom 750 spooled with 50-pound braid, to the Tanacom 1000 spooled with 80-pound braid.

The Downrigger Shop Tanacom 1000 spooled with 80 pound braid line

Two developments made that a no-brainer. Firstly, when Daiwa changed production from the blue Tanacom Bull to the new black Tanacoms, they reduced the price gap. The Tanacom 1000 offers extra performance without much extra price and we managed to secure a heavy bent butt rod at an excellent price, bringing the combo price down.

A complete Tanacom 1000 Combo ready to head out on the water


The Daiwa Saltiga rod we have previously offered is a great stick but, in my view, not particularly good value. Our new one offers the same features at a little over half the price. Here’s the deal:

Daiwa Tanacom 1000 reel including cable and clamps

Stelco bent butt 5 feet six inch rod with restricted arc swivel tip

(Prespooled with) 800m 80-pound colour change braid

The Downrigger Shop's high quality 80lb braid line


Multi hook deep drop rig

Is $1300.

Take a look at client feedback below? And if you have any queries at all, please get back to me.

Thanks for reading, Andrew

Clients Tanacom 1000 Combo success:

Lachlan Bilston out at Browns:

Lachlan's Tanacom 1000 combo in action at Browns mountain

pretty chuffed with our Tanacom 1000:

Lachlan bringing up his Tanacom electric reel under load

"Hi Andrew, got out to Browns last Friday and had a great day on the Gemfish with the electric reel.  Stopped at the 12 mile and nothing on the sounder so we pushed on to Browns in great conditions. Beautiful weather and multiple groups of whales cruising around the area.Fantastic day on the water with a big feed of Gemfish which I have been eating this week and giving away to mates and neighbours."

Catching giant Gemfish from the bottom on electric reel

Jason Hotop out there too:

Jason out at Browns mounting catching huge Gemfish on Tanacom 1000

"Saw some posts on your page re Browns. Exactly same as yesterday, arrive, drop, 2 seconds later double hook up (replacement Tanacom worked a treat – thank you). Good size - see attached. Plenty of Makos about too. Out of there within 30 mins with dinner in the esky chasing SBT again (for zeros this time unfortunately).

We headed out wide with the Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000s  with the Saltiga bent butt rods you sold me and a mate and FIRST DROP I pulled up a nice Blue Grenadier Photo 2 and , at the same time, my mate Richard pulled up a pair of Trevalla Photo 3."

Gemfish are such good eating and there are so many of them out there

Not large but typical for the area. They will be superb eating. We caught a few more Trevalla and a Pink Ling over the rest of our drops . Fished down to 500 metres without a hitch.

Catching Blue Eye Trevalla at on an electric reel

"Not everyone enjoyed the success in deeper water without an electric as you can see from this picture of our third crew member  Clive who pulled this monster up from around 160 metres! ( Photo 4 ) The electric  outfits worked great, were easy to use and are allowing  to fish in a new way , thanks for your prompt friendly service and great prices!"

My pleasure Dennis, truly glad you’re so pleased with those setups. 3000 klicks away and Andrew Turner bought a Tanacom 1000 combo from us months ago, but didn’t get a chance to try it out until last week. Great result:

Andrew with a 22kg 104cm Bass Groper caught on a Tanacom 1000 Combo

"22 Kg 104 cm Bass Groper caught this week north of the border at the Shelf. Also caught were a 17 kg model and a trevalla. Cheers Andrew"

Rob Graham took this solid blue eye at Browns Mountain:

Big Blue Eye Trevalla caught and put on ice ready for dinner

"Hi Andy, no reports from me for a while but today is worth a note. Went to Browns with a few mates and fired up the Tanacom Bull 1000 that you sold me last year.  I had only used it once to get some gemfish but the blue eye we got today came in at 11 kgs which we were very happy with. The electric was really good to use and fantastic results."


Deepwater season winding down although hopefully still a few more weeks to go. Glen ordered a Tanacom combo and took it out for his first visit to Browns:

Glen caught this Gemfish on his first trip with a Tanacom 1000 electric reel combo

"Hi Andrew, had a good Sunday testing and getting used to the Electric Reel Combo, worked a treat. Takes a bit of getting used to detecting the bite and fish on at these depths. First time I did not think I had a fish, but noticed drag slipping a fair bit so cranked it up and broke off to what I believe was a shark running off with a fish as started moving off from the boat much more than the drift before breaking. After getting the hang of things, next two drops brought up a nice Cod and then a Large Gemfish. Man these fellows are angry customers when out of the water, this one swallowed my pliers when trying to extract the hook."

Gemfish have incredibly sharp and large teeth, be careful

"The reel and rod combo worked a treat. Only thing that I need to figure out is when line count gets back up to nil, the reel stops and I need to manually wind in the last line that I assume was lost to the drag on the counter. How to you override this safety cut off at the end of the retrieve?"

Chris Colvin deep dropping too:

Chris with a massive Blue Eye caught at Nambucca Heads

"Hi mate. Nambucca Heads still cranking. Gus got a thumping blue eye with the Tanacom from u. Also got some gemfish, bar cod, and a nice bass groper. This place cranks man"