Rod pods and bite alarms


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Rod pod and bite alarm specifications:

  • Free standing rod bracket holding up to 3 rods and reels
  • Made from hollow polished aluminium tube
  • Supplied with 3 bite alarms
  • Bite alarms buzzer is adjustable for tone and volume
  • Flashing LED light on alarm
  • Batteries included
  • Delivered packed in a canvas zipped bag, components held in place with Velcro straps

Delivery included in Australia

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There is no easy way to sugarcoat this so I’m just gonna come right out and say it. The way a lot of fishos set up their rods when land based fishing is pitiful.

  • On the river bank, propped up with a forked stick jammed in the mud.
  • On the rocks, with the rod butt wedged into a crack.
  • Or on the wharf, with the tackle laying everywhere, waiting to be stepped on:

Leaving your rod resting on the wharf can end up with it being broken

It’s no wonder that, quite regularly, clients send me pics of rods and reels they’ve snagged and retrieved while fishing. The mind boggles as to how many outfits must have gone into the drink at popular spots like Clifton Gardens:

Clifton Gardens is constantly cluttered with fishermans tackle

Here’s a rod and reel I found after (presumably) being dragged out of this crappy rod holder, at Tallowa Dam:


But there is a better way. And it doesn’t cost much. We have two excellent options that work brilliantly to not just get your tackle away from the mud or up off the wharf but also, increase your chance of a strike. Firstly, our collapsible rod pod:

The collapsible rod pod set up on the bank

This is a free standing rod bracket holding up to 3 rods and reels. Sturdy construction, made from hollow polished aluminium tube. It looks great:

Three rods resting in their rod holder positions

But there’s much more to this great bit of gear than its ability to hold your rods and reels. The rod pod is supplied with three bite alarms, each with a buzzer adjustable for tone and volume, and flashing LED lights. Batteries are included. The buzzer sounds and the light flashes when your line moves over the roller. This means even the slightest pick up of your bait will be detected. Here’s a couple of examples:

The rod pod will keep your gear out of the mud (note someone’s wooden rod holder, on the right):

Fishing from the the bank is easy with the right equipment

and you won’t have to prop your tackle up against the rail, on wharves:

The Bite Alarms will alert you when a fish takes your bait

The buzzer and the lights are a huge help when you’re targeting trout, carp, jewfish, or any fish that picks up the bait and moves away stealthily. It comes packed in a canvas zippered bag:

Neatly packed away make it easy to transport

with all the components held in place by Velcro straps:

The rod pod and bite alarms packed in their included case

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Thanks for reading, Andrew