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  • 4 x matte black poppers
  • Owner trebles
  • Ideal for 3 - 6 kilo tackle
  • Delivery included in Australia

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The story is that, last summer, we had a ball popping kings at Long Reef using Roosta poppers:

Catching Kingfish at Longreef using poppers

Then we found a new buzz – chasing small mahi at FAD 19 (off Sydney) using mini poppers.

Here’s 60 seconds of a typical session with our $95 light combo:

The go is, three kilo line, and small bullet shaped poppers for distance casting:

A classic popper I use that has caught many fish

But when I went to buy some for this season Arafura Tackle told me this one – the Kingfisher Poppet – was discontinued. So we ordered our own, with one important change – matte black colour, all over:

The new Downrigger Shop poppers

The idea being, maximum contrast. A client visited to pick some up and told me why he was  so keen on them. Most poppers have a silver belly, and he reckons that makes them way more difficult for the fish to see. ‘If you were trying to catch a cricket ball, with the sun in your eyes, what colour would you want it to be? Silver, or black?’ Good analogy. These are light, ideal for use on 3 or 6 kilo tackle:

Downrigger Shop poppers only weigh 12 grams

Kings and mahi so much fun, on light tackle:

Catching Dolphin fish on poppers at the FAD

Pricing is 4 matte black poppers, fitted with Owner trebles, for $45 including delivery in Australia.

Good deal.

This season (2015) shaping up to be just as good as last year and of course this size mahi delicious, on the plate:

Mahi Mahi are such good eating fish

Try an order? You won’t regret it.


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