Lead Weights


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At the Downrigger Shop we carry a number of lead weights and downrigger bombs for use with downriggers and deep dropping.

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Delivery included in Australia.

I posted a pic up on the Facebook page showing a breakaway 2-pound setup we rigged to drop a livebait down 300 metres, at Brown’s Mountain off Sydney:

Live bait lead weight rig used at Browns Mountain

The distance between the two attachment points on the 70 kilo leader is twice that of the length of the 10 kilo mono, holding the weight.

So when the leader straightens under load, the lighter line breaks. Weight is lost and I'm connected to the fish without sinker drag. But when I posted the pic above on our popular Facebook page the emails and PMs flooded in from readers interested in buying lead weights.

Some of the Downrigger Shop's downrigger bombs

Yes, we supply them. - Yes, the deal is good.

  • 1 x 5.5-pound teardrop weight, $25 for pick up or $38 including delivery anywhere in Australia;
  • 3 x 2-pound ball weights, $30 for pick up or $43 including delivery anywhere in Australia.

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