Detachable line counter


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Product information:

  • Small clipon unit with display
  • Measures in metres and is reset with the push of a button
  • Useful for judging depth or knowing how much line a reel was spooled with
  • Delivery included in Australia

Every so often the creative minds in the tackle business come up with something really handy and unique. And that’s certainly the case with this product – our detachable line counter.

Detachable line counters are simple cheap and work well

A small clipon unit with a display, it can be attached to almost anything from a skinny trout rod to a downrigger boom or 130-pound game rod. The line counter measures in metres and is reset by the push of a button. We fished the Birchgrove Park wreck using these. That one is off Sydneys’ northside in around 80m of water. It still has deck railings attached and (so divers tell me) is covered in snapper rigs and jigs. Being able to read the depth on the sounder screen, I just clipped the line counter onto my jigging rod and was able to stop the jig just short of the wreck. I’m sure that tactic saved me some tackle

Price just $22 for 1 or $33 for 2 including delivery.

The detachable line counter mounted on a rod

Model: Detachable Line Counter

Description: Clip-on line counter used for measuring line out

Specifications: Clips on to any rod with padded jaws and stainless clip. Measures in one metre steps down to 1000 metres. Large 3 digit display and convenient reset button. To operate, simply fit to rod (ten seconds) wrap line around orange wheel in clockwise direction once. Ideal for deep dropping, electric reel fishing, or knowing or finding out how much line you have on your reel.

Weight: 65 grams

Price: One line counter $20. Two line counters $30

Packaging: Plastic bag inside cardboard box and taped with bubble wrap


Very handy for dropping down live baits or soft plastics offshore, and can also accurately tell how much line you’ve wound on to a new reel. Just wrap the line once around the orange wheel. To reset to 000, push the orange button. You may have seen it on Strikezone TV when Al McGlashan used it to catch a large big eye tuna, straight off Sydney.

The line counter in use on Strikezone

andy weekends fish!! hey also can I order a few of those line counters - they are rusting up because i look after them  so well. caught a rays bream and an oil fish on the deep as well

cheers, big ears

Tony Anson sent in a nice note about our reel counter:

"Andy, Got the braid thanks very much. Have not had a chance to use it yet as the weather over here is WA has been awful last couple weeks. So impressed by the line counter that I would like to get two more of them and give them to a couple mates so hopefully they'll buy some of your gear as well."

"Hi Andy, as I said in the quick message the other night, the line counters would appear to have had instant success.  While we are still fiddling with the sounder trying to get clearer readings on the predators, we had at least 4 hook-ups by 'stopping and dropping" on fish we had marked.  I have attached a couple of photos of what we are seeing on the sounder images - not as clear as some of the other readings I am seeing from other boats, but nonetheless workable."

"Thanks again for the counters, and I have cc'd a couple of our crew who were also impressed by the counters and might want to get some (in a hurry!)"

Fish the exact depth you see on your sounder by using a line counter

Call or write if you’d like to place an order, or if you need to know more?

Thanks for reading.