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Line and spool sizes:

  • 1000m 6 pound colour change
  • 1000m 12 pound colour change
  • 1000m 30 pound colour change
  • 1000m 50 pound colour change
  • 1000m 80 pound colour change
  • 1000m 200 pound plain

All braid spools will be shipped with a free detachable line counter.

Delivery included in Australia

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Braid line. There’s countless varieties now – flat, special composite, hollow and the like. We stick to the original and the best, being PE, known under the brand names of Spectra and Dyneema. We buy it from one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They produce huge volumes of braid for the European and USA market. We add our orders of 100 spools or so to their giant production runs, then we pass the savings on to you.

Spools of Downrigger Shop braid line, wrapped and ready for shipping

Braid samples are regularly tested for correct breaking strain on our office line tester:

The Downrigger Shop tests breaking strain on our office line tester

All braid spools are shipped with a free detachable line counter included. So you know exactly how much line you’ve put on your reel, and how much is left to spool up another of your reels or a friend’s reel. That reduces wasted line and saves you money. Here’s some feedback from happy clients.

Downrigger Shop braid comes with a free line counter

Hi! Andrew,

Just returned from Swains Reef with a group of like minded  mates, it was a first for my son and myself we had a ball, no monsters the largest being a 15kg Chinaman, Lost plenty to the Grey Overcoats never realised how many sharks can appear from nowhere . Big Hammer Heads, Tigers and Reef sharks.

Catching 15kg Chinaman on braid line

Looking forward to our next trip.The lads that I bought the colour braid for were more than impressed with their purchase thank you, we saw what looked to be very similar line if not the same in one of the tackle shops on the way up at over $400.00 per 1000 mtrs we got a good deal thank you.

Catch Chinaman without wasting money on overpriced braid line

Phil G went wide off Brisbane and fished 380 metres down, for some beautiful blue eye cod:

Phil with a Blue Eye caught on braid line off Brisbane

And a solid 51 kilo hapuka:

Braid line worked for this 51kg Hapuka

Phil’s report is short and to the point:

Hey Andrew, the braid works just fine.

Glad you’re pleased with it, Phil! After a different trip, he wrote again:

Giant Blue Eye caught on Downrigger Shop colour change braid line

Hi Andrew, it has been four years of planning, finally got the kit together. 24 feet of glass boat, 175 hp Suzuki, raymarine sounder with 1kw transducer, alvey reef king, some Hestelow 200 lb braid, a few tips out of the how to catch deep sea ooglies from the downrigger website and bingo I  have my first Blue eye.  Yahooooooo. He went 15kg and jeez do they taste good. The little 17kg mahi mahi was on your 24 kg yellow braid. That stuff is good too! Thanks for your part, Philip

A 17 kilo mahi is ‘little’??? Phil, I’m glad to hear our braid has worked so well for you. In a big discussion on various braids on Sydney Angler Forums, website member Brownie wrote:

Jigging braid

I buy from Andy (downrigger shop) our site sponsor, it works great and is far cheaper than the branded lines. Save yourself some money.

Hi Andrew thanks for the line, we tested it and it broke at 67 lbs which is pretty good, and i used it yesterday.

Catching Cobias, great fish

Caught 3 big cobias [black kings] how good and lucky was that, to actually catch 3 and me mate also caught 2 all approx 15 kgs [great eating size mate] but never had any probs with your line.

Trevor K:

Huge Sambo caught on our braid line in Western Australia

Andrew, thought I'd drop in this photo of this sambo from last Saturday, we were camped in 35m of water straight out from Ocean Reef, WA. This was caught on the floating mulie routine, needless to say it was a back breaker for 5-10 mins and your braid held up effortlessly. We guesstimated it at 30+ Kg, it was released with no dramas.

 Paul G:

Catching Snapper on colour change braid

Hi Andrew, just reporting back after our trip to Gnaraloo last week. Thanks for the colour-change - braid it worked a treat and the crew I was with were pretty impressed. Needless to say there will be some orders coming through for some more when I get them all sorted. One of the crew of 8 was my old man and at 81 he kicked our butts on quality fish as the pictures show.

Peter H:

Big Mackerel caught on 50lb Downrigger Shop braid line

I have bought cheap braid in the past and found it drips a black stain everywhere when it gets wet and was very stiff. I got some of your coloured 50lb Braid and spooled it on a Daiwa LD40 on a Monster Mesh and it performed beautifully on the Mackerel. I found there was no releasing of the colours and was very impressed with the flexibility of it, I will now be re spooling all my other rods to get rid of the other stuff.

Brad, WA, May 2012:

You won't be disappointed.

Bert Hall in amongst them up north:

Jigging with 50lb Braid has been a deadly combo off Townsville, Queensland

Thanks Andrew, paid and excited to test out some new gear.  I have attached a few photos of some fish caught using your 100g, 250g jigs and 50lb colour change braid.  All caught offshore from Townsville, Queensland which makes for a change to your usual Southern reports.

Bert catching Cobia and Spanish Mackerel on 100g and 250g jigs paired with braid line

100g and 250g jigs have proven themselves time over on Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Trevally and Cod to name a few species.  Look forward to trying the 40g jigs and the new spinning combo, Thanks again for your assistance,  Bert

Anytime at all Bert. Greg Costello likes our braid for deep dropping:

Greg pulling up Blue eye on Downrigger Shop line

I got this blue eye first drop with the braided line I purchased off you recently, first drop I got a double header. The line is great.

Nice blue eye Greg. Lachlan Oldfield and Co went to Lord Howe Island to find gold:

A monster 142cm Kingfish caught on Greenback Charters with colour change braid

Hey Andy here are the shots! This king was 142cm on Dave Gardener's Greenback charters. Dave also said to mention that he uses your braid, thus this fish was caught with your braid!

Excellent! 142 cm, I could go some of that action. If you’d like to see a braid sample first, just click the CONTACT tab? We will put a metre or so in the mail for you, same day.

Thanks for reading,