420g knife jigs 5 pack


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Heavy knife jig with tail weight loading for fast sinking. Prismatic sides to gather and reflect light. Recessed eye in proportion to where it would be on a squid. HD assist hook on Kevlar cord with heatshrink protection against teeth. Lumo belly strip.

  • Available in 5 colours
  • 5 knife jigs included
  • Quick dropping fishing lure
  • Delivery included in Australia
  • Assorted colours: Blue, Pink, White, Orange, Black

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When our large jigs arrived in April 2014 several clients asked whether they were intended for deep water use or, where the current runs hard. And yes, those are two obvious options where they would work, and we will be using them at Browns Mountain this winter for the albacore that mark on the sounder at 250 metres.

But the original demand came from a completely different set of circumstances. The Ranfurly Banks are renowned big fish jigging grounds in New Zealand, but are only 80-90 metres deep at their shallowest point. So when clients intending a trip to the Ranfurlies asked if heavy jigs were available I didn't immediately understand why. They explained that ‘big jigs equal big fish.’

The front and back sides of The Downrigger Shop's 420 gram Knife Jigs

On the North Coast of NSW something similar happens. Primary targets for local fishos are table species or as they so often put it, ‘pinkies and pearlies.’ But now greenies have locked up many popular spots to bait fishing, supposedly to protect grey nurse sharks. As soon as that happens almost all boats - local boats, anyway - head for other grounds. And our clients up that way are finding the lure-only hold big kingfish which respond well, to big jigs.

Ours weigh 420 grams and are supplied with hook and shrinkwrapped cord. Five colours in the set:

Downrigger Shop's 420 gram jigs come in 5 colours

The eye is mounted on the jig in proportion to where it would be on a squid, with the hook placement at the optimum point for a striking fish.

Price just $60 for five jigs, including delivery in Australia.