Fire Certificate

Apologies for the delay in replying. This new charge is disputed. Let’s check the timeline.

April 2nd: I email Warwick Bailey at Council, requesting a two week extension on supplying the fire safety certificate. The reason being, Scout HQ held Council’s reminder letter for two months, before onforwarding it;



April 7th: first correspondence with Betta. Jake from Betta inspects the Hall and tells us all that’s needed to issue a certificate is a replacement for our missing fire blanket. See attachment 1:


Jake made a comment at the time that turned out to be prescient, being ‘there’s a lot of cowboys in this industry.’ I was already aware of that:


May 2nd: I write to Angela confirming a replacement blanket has been purchased and asking when the Scout Hall can be inspected and our certificate issued. See attachment 2:



May 6th: We receive an invoice from Betta for $365.20;

May 6th: wrote to Nathan complaining about overcharge. The blanket – which we didn’t need, we already had one – cost $9. Betta wanted $7 to inspect it. See attachment 3;


May 7th: correspondence with Kate after we receive a further invoice for $641.30. See attachment 4;


 May 14th: Stuart discounts the charge. See attachment 5:

We subsequently find the old fire blanket in the kitchen cupboard. See image 1. I’m not accusing anyone of putting it there, but that’s kind of weird;

June 28th: I write to Betta requesting the certificate, attaching the final reminder we have received from Council. See attachment six;

July 10th: we receive a new invoice from Betta for $319, being for two light boxes. This does not match the quote and, the old light boxes worked fine. Which by the way were left dumped in the Scout Hall bin. See image 2.

Without big noting myself, I have a 20+ year record as a Scout Leader at 1st Wahroonga:

Have been through many a fire inspection at our Hall in that time, but never anything like this. My original plan was to dispute this matter at NCAT. But NCAT are currently phone only, due to the virus:

So am I asking Betta to revoke the latest invoice, and comply with Stuart’s previous quote. I kept the light boxes in case they need to be tested because it seems unusual that they would both fail simultaneously:

Look forward to hearing from you and hoping we can resolve this amicably,

Andrew Hestelow

For 1st Wahroonga Scouts

T 0402 07 5000