Assist Hooks 5 pack



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Deal includes:

  • 6/0 hook size
  • Kevlar cord
  • Heatshrink
  • Solid ring
  • Split ring
  • Barb protector
  • Delivery included in Australia
  • 5 Hooks

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Leatherjackets, barracouta and bonito give knife jig assist hook cords an absolute hammering. Our commercial clients tell me even kingies eventually wear through the cord, if you catch enough of them.

But what’s really annoying is when they cost you the fish of a lifetime.

Herb writes:

Herb catching Kingfish using assist hooks

"Good King fight going on... 80lb braid Stella 10000 Xzoga pE6

Heavy drag and big fish was tough, on the terminal tackle:"

A couple of Williamson assist hooks failing

Williamson single assist hook failure.  Here is the photo of the hook gap bent open again on a monster king that wanted to find the bottom rocks/reef.  My son Michael couldn’t turn the head of the Kingfish using a Xzoga jig rod and Stella 10000 with JM upgraded spool. Again drag was up tight trying to turn and stop a monster kings. The deck hand John commented  was thats a “good fish”  you have on there. This occurred just after I thought I’d try a different brand hook after the assist cord failed!

That’s annoying. Not sure who sent this pic to me but here’s a Zest cord failure:

Zest chord failure on an assist hook


We get so many inquiries for these – not so much due to breakage, but mainly wear and tear from sharp teeth.

So it’s time to add them to the range. First up, I checked Mo Tackle’s pricing.

They offer Zest 8/0 assist hooks at $8.95 for two plus delivery, or $4.50 each;

Expensive assist hooks at mo's tackle

BCF, sell Williamson assist hooks at 3 for $9.95 plus $5.52 delivery or $5.00 each, delivered.

Ours are $10 for five (5) including postage - $2.00 each, delivered:

The Downrigger Shop assist hooks

6/0 size. Hook, Kevlar cord, heatshrink, solid ring, split ring, and barb protector included.

Try an order? You won’t be disappointed.

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