Grow your fishing based Instagram following

July 24, 2018

Grow your fishing based Instagram following

How to grow your Instagram followers

So you want more Instagram followers? Well you don't need to be catching the biggest fish to do so. There are a few easy rules to follow when using Instagram that will organically grow your account with minimal effort, here they are:

  1. #hashtags. If your posting on Instagram by far the easiest method of getting passive or even engaged followers is adding hashtags to your photos.

Some of the best generic fishing hashtags to use are:

#fishing #offshorefishing #offshore #fishinglife #catchandrelease #fishingtrip #fishingboat #fishingfun #fishingreel #fishingguide #fishingpole #fishingclub #fishinggear #fishingtime #boatlife

These are all high traffic hashtags, they receive lots of views however your posts can get lost in the sea of new additions. It's a good idea to balance out your photo with targeted hashtags. This is where you could add the location you caught it:

#fishingaustralia #fishingnsw #fishingwa #fishingsa #fishingqld #fishingnt #fishingtasmania #batemansbay #centralcoast #herveybay #goldcoast

Finally let people know what you caught your fish on by tagging the method you used to land it:

#jigging #fishinglures #spearfishing #rockfishing #microjigging #downrigger #livebait

A relevant combination of these hashtags are sure to get your post noticed.


2. Likes. Searching the above hashtags and liking the pictures or videos that appeal to you is another great way to get followers on your page. The beauty of Instagram is that any engagement pays dividends, so jump onto a populated hashtag and start interacting.

3. Comments. Commenting on a post from accounts that you are enjoying will not go unnoticed. Contributing your insight on another persons photo will gain attention not just from the author but their community as well.

4. Keep posting. Even if you've had a bad run out on the water people love to see where you've been fishing or what you were using. Grab a landscape shot or if you did land a tasty fish and your cooking it later, snap a pic of dinner and let everyone know how you cook for the best flavour.

5. Following. So you're here looking for followers? So are other Instagram users. Just following other profiles is a great way for people to notice you and it's more than likely they will throw you one back.

You're on your way to a bigger page, keep these tips in mind when your using the Instagram platform and you'll quickly start to see the impact.

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